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I need primary sources on ibogaine, can you help me find them for my project.

History of Drug Trade class. Ibogaine is a drug with controversial side effects, it is used for treatment of heroin withdrawal.
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  1. Best was Google scholar, most sweeping
  2. Next best was Elsevier Science Direct, very good returns 
  3. JSTOR also good returns

Primary sources on this drug [ibogaine] included:
a) research, clinical trials, findings and conclusions reported by scientists in reputable medical journals

b) conference proceedings discussing this drug ibogaine [2009 drug policy alliance conference]

It was very helpful to locate a literature review on Ibogaine, assembled by a neuro scientist also studying this drug, listing references in annotated bibliography format.  This Lit Review on ibogaine offered student a chance to drill back into databases using names and keywords plus name of drug.   


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