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Where are sources for gun control, especially Texas Campus Carry Law.

Last Updated: May 16, 2017  |  17 Views
Topics: Ethics, Sociology

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A good balance of sources that deliver materials both Pro-Free-Speech (down with gun control) and for gun control laws.


Bentley Library Catalog has a wealth of recent material on gun control debate, search "gun or gun control"  

1. Ebsco
2. Proquest (includes Criminal justice database)
3. CQ Researcher, Gun Control 
4. Lexis Nexis , search laws, cases (in this case search the text of the Texas Constitution)
5. Gale Reference Virtual Library (seek  Gale Encyclopedia of American Law especially on Topic: Gun Control )

OTHER LIBRARIES, with additional links to many resources for gun control debate
6. Georgia State library  

7. Indiana University Library  Page links to resources for gun control debate


8. Pew Research Center 

9. National Education Association (NEA)  (many articles on guns and gun safety)

10. NEA piece on guns in colleges and schools 

11. Open  (site to fact check state by state for their laws about wearing a weapon on a college campus) 

12.  (see Article “ Constitution Check: Should gun control laws have to pass the toughest constitutional test?” posted February , 92016 by Lyle Denniston found on website Constitution Daily 

13. Bureau of Alcohol, tobacco, firearms
14. Department of Justice ( see History of  Firearms-control legislation policy)

15. Pro Con. org (pre-formulated talking points on both sides)

o Journal of American College Health [ebsco]
o Campus Law Enforcement Journal [proquest]
o Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology [ebsco]
o Nation [ebsco]
o Atlantic
o New York times 
o Chronicle of Higher Education  


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