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Answered By: Macee Damon
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Consult our Citing Online Business Resources using APA Style: APA Reference List Examples research guide to see citation examples for all of our databases, including FactSet. Make sure that punctuation and text formatting (italics, quotation marks, etc.) are correct.


To cite FactSet, use this format:

FactSet Research Systems. (n.d.). Company Name, Inc.: Targets and ratings. Retrieved <month> <day>, <year>, from FactSet database.


To cite Yahoo! Finance, state the type of document (e.g., business summary or income statement), and date of the document, plus the entire URL of the page where the information is located, as in the examples below. Make sure that the first line of the citation is on the left margin, and that any new lines that follow are indented five spaces from the left of the margin.

Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) (2013). Profile, business summary. Yahoo! Finance. Retrieved

Microsoft Corp. (MSFT).  Income statement, June 29, 2012. Yahoo! Finance. Retrieved


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