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Answered By: Kimberly Morin
Last Updated: May 14, 2019     Views: 23

Books are great places to find primary source material. Look in the appendices & exhibits in books on your topic to view excerpts of diaries, interviews, facsimiles and more.

Below are examples of book search queries that you can input into the Bentley Library's Catalog. Change your search query to reflect the specific drug trade you are researching:

  • (Drug traffic* OR Drug control) AND "United States"
  • "Opium Trade" AND (Asia or China or Japan)

The Bentley Library's Catalog also includes links to a number of online government documents which can be primary sources.

Other keywords you can use to retrieve primary sources when combined with the name of your drug trade include:

  • Sources
  • Diaries
  • Documentaries
  • Correspondence
  • Personal narratives
  • Interview*
  • “eye witness”
  • Testimony

The New York Times Historical 1851-2009 (ProQuest) and Wall Street Journal Historical 1889-2001 (ProQuest) are excellent places to find primary sources.

For more tips and resources to search, speak with a Bentley Research Librarian.

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