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Answered By: Dominique Winn
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Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development has country profiles for environment for multiple nations.   [BEST]  

    • Locate their documents called "OECD Environment Programme" which are downloadable.
    • To get these, search "Austria AND environment" by top search bar on opening page

Alternatively, still in OECD:

    • Go in by "topic" on the ribbon
    • Expand "environment" 
    • Navigate "environment" page for data. Drawback: not easily segmented by nation.

Alternative, in OECD:

    • Select "Publications" in top navigation 
    • Select "by theme and country" and enter your choices
    • Many article hits appear in English and host nation's language


To find documentation on environment of individual nation

    • Enter "Austria and environment" in search box on opening page
    • Hits of profiles, webpages, articles, reports about your country and topic should be arrayed in a list
    • Your country's profile should be among these hits I.e. Austria 

Alternatively, still in EU, find EU/federal level documents commenting on environment for all 28 countries.

    • Select "by topic" found on top navigation
    • Select "environment" is included in the offerings.

Drawback, this page is broad level discussion and not easily separated into individual nations


4. European Environmental Law Homepage [GOOD]




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