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Answered By: Dominique Winn
Last Updated: Apr 02, 2019     Views: 72

Best databases:

For best results search "gun or gun control"  for copious recent material on the issue: 

1. Ebsco
2. Proquest  
3. CQ Researcher, Gun Control 
4. Nexis Uni --in the instance of Texas, search for Texas Constitution
5. Gale Reference Virtual Library (seek  Gale Encyclopedia of American Law especially on Topic: Gun Control )

6. Bentley Library Catalog 


Other libraries linking to worthy resources for gun control debate:
7. Georgia State library  

8. Indiana University Library   

At large online:

9.  Pew Research Center 

10. National Education Association (NEA)  (many articles on guns and gun safety)

11. NEA piece on guns in colleges and schools 

12. Open  (site with details, state by state, about wearing a weapon on a college campus) 

13.  (see Article “ Constitution Check: Should gun control laws have to pass the toughest constitutional test?” posted February 2016 by Lyle Denniston found on website Constitution Daily 

14. Bureau of Alcohol, tobacco, firearms
15. Firearms-control legislation policy from Department of Justice (see History of )

16. Pro Con. org (talking points on both sides)


Good journals:

o Journal of American College Health [ebsco]
o Campus Law Enforcement Journal [proquest]
o Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology [ebsco]
o Nation [ebsco]
o Atlantic
o New York times 
o Chronicle of Higher Education  



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