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Answered By: Dominique Winn
Last Updated: Mar 14, 2018     Views: 19


1. AcademicOne file  - Use "web accessibility" AND

  • "high contrast"
  • "low vision"
  • perception

2. Proquest Research Library - Use terms such as "Universal design" ; "web accessibility" AND "high contrast"

3. JSTOR - Use terms "disabilities" and "web design"


For general information applicable to common human factors assignments, see

4. WebAIM site, on how users can benefit when a website is built with high contrast

5. Penn State page on Accessibility  and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines ["WCAG"] guidelines in support of the American with Disabilities Act 


NOTE, keyword "reverse type" was tough as it fetched items having to do with typeface and off topic; better term was "high contrast"  



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