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Answered By: Dominique Winn
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1. Nexis Uni

  • use keyword marijuana AND   [pick one of the following]
    • Controlled substances
    • Society, Social assistance and Lifestyle
    • Drugs & society
    • Marijuana industry
    • Medicine & health
    • Marijuana Regulation and Policy

Tips to make LEXIS most manageable:
1) Narrow the search with time frame, i.e. year 2000 - 2018 articles
2) Identify a geography, i.e. Netherlands or United States or Colorado
3) Settle on the legal level of the debate, whether international, federal (U.S.) or is it state (Colorado)?

2. CQ researcher

use keywords Medical Marjuana, Marijuana industry, or marjuana legalization

3. Opposing viewpoints

use  Medical Marijuana 


use  Marijuana and select discipline  criminology

5. Proquest Central 

use Drug policy and marijuana


Very comprehensive debate site, use keyword  Marijuana  to discover articles,  keywords, and a roadmap of this many faceted debate



For research for drug decriminalization, health, psychology or alternative medicine  See FAQ

This FAQ #221007 focuses more on debate and legal controversy of marijuana.

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