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Answered By: Dominique Winn
Last Updated: Jun 19, 2019     Views: 0

Blockchain, a publically viewable digital ledger system for chronologically recording cryptocurrency transactions, is covered best in these resources:

  1. ABI Inform Proquest
  2. Expanded academic ASAP
  3. Business Source complete

Best keywords to find research studies =

  • "blockchain" AND (methodology or literature review) 

Other facets to locate good literature = 

  • "blockchain" AND hype
  • "blockchain"  AND trust
  • "blockchain" AND crytpocurrency


Note: the terms "block" and "chain" are medical and molecular terms, often used together, and databases sometimes returned some irrelevant hits, so keeping the "blockchain" word contained in quotes was crucial

To return research studies (and not a summary article or opinion piece) we selected Full text option, plus studied journal titles to make sure they were not trade journals. 

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